Living in the Darkness

After it was over, I felt a profound sense of hopelessness and regret. And for a while I lay down in a really dark place. You’re really forced to spend time with the memories of that person and what they meant to you. All of what could have been. And yet on some level you know you will get over them and find someone new, probably sooner than you think. But that’s hard to see when you’re living in the darkness.


Through the shadow
Remember I
Bright sky
Hoped to find

Without a soul
Grind my teeth and hope to die alone

Wasn’t for the heartbreak
Wasn’t for the love songs
Wasn’t for the fingers
Wasn’t for the nose
I’ve gotta go

Fall without
Without a sound
Lost yourself
Lost yourself

Living in the darkness
Living in the darkness

Return to dust
And our lives
Will be first
Just believe

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