In a Dream

I wrote this song during one of the darkest times of my life. I was distraught and bursting with sadness. As I walked by my guitar, I casually gave the strings a light strum. As they softly rang, I instantly began hearing this song in my head, so I sat down and recorded it in one go.


Hey it’s me, just got off the station

Hey it’s me, just got off the station

Covered up into the light
You were right

I’m so tired
With the moon
Falling through

Hey it’s me, I’m gonna save you
Your eyes move over

Over and meet me inside
The skies blow over

And tonight
Spin with you
And tonight
Spin with you

One, I forgot
Sunny side over my head
It’s enough

Two, you forgot
Hold my face
Remember please, remember

Please don’t cry
For me
And laugh about it

Means anything
Means everything

In a dream

Hey it’s me, got off the train
Your eyes move over me
And all the peace inside
The beating of your lips

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